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Important questions to ask YOURSELF, when buying.

  1. What is the primary use of your automobile?
  2. What do you like least about your current automobile?
  3. What do you like most about your current automobile?

- It almost sounds too simple, but the answers to these three questions can provide you with a lot more information than you expect. Take the time to write this down and consider what's most important to you. You'll be surprised by the results. Providing this information to our sales staff is very helpful and a great way to help us find the right vehicle for you.

How are salespeople paid? Why is this important to me?

The way any employee performs is directly related to the way they receive compensation for their service. This is true for janitors and CEO's. We feel that the way we pay our salespeople, directly affects their attitudes and their ability to provide you with what you need.

One of the biggest problems with buying a vehicle is dealing with pushy salespeople. We understand.

You're tying to make an important decision and you don't need someone telling you what to do, just so they can make more money. The old-fashioned way in which sales consultants are typically paid, rewards them for high volume sales figures. In other words, the more they sell - the more they make. With pay plans like that, it's little wonder why salespeople have been stereotyped as aggressive and pushy.

At 3 Way, we reward sales consultants on their ability to assist and satisfy our customers.

We found that when we rewarded our staff for gross profit, they also overwhelmed customers. They lost focus on the customers needs, and just focused on making a "sale". That's why we changed our pay policies and began to survey customers. Now the payscale reflects their ability to consult with expertise, and assist consumers with their purchase. We also pay close attention to their ability to produce consistently happy customers. We're able to measure this by asking you directly with surveys and post-sale interviews. It's this philosophy that has helped us to create our loyal customer base.

In the end, we sell more vehicles by not trying so hard.

This atmosphere encourages our staff to become experts on the products we sell, and since they actually make more money this way, It benefits everyone.

Low Prices + Broken Promises = Trouble.

Our Integrity is the most important thing we have as a dealer.

If you purchase a vehicle with a great price, the "deal" you got doesn't mean much if we break our promises.

No vehicle is created perfectly. Problems do occur with even the most expensive automobiles and the most "reliable" brands. It's unfortunate but it's impossible to account for every possibility when working with materials like steel and electronics. What makes or breaks the "deal" with any automobile purchase is the reputation we have for dealing with these inevitable problems. The most important aspect of buying your new vehicle is your dealer's sincere desire to handle every problem quickly and honestly with an eye toward maintaining your satisfaction.

We're prepared for these situations, and we're proud to have a reputation for being honest. Ask around.


What exactly is a good deal?

The Holy Grail of purchasing a new or used vehicle is the "good deal". You don't want to spend more than you have to, and you want to get a quality vehicle. It's not too much to ask for is it? No, and here are some important factors on top of price that you should consider as necessary for getting a "good deal".

Sales Consultant Experience

We've found that sales consultants with more experience and training produce happier customers. (See our Payplan above) This makes price negotiation a secondary concern, but you don't get to be the one of the top Chevy dealers in California by charging too much. Great prices make for happy customers too! That's where experienced staff can help you to get the best deal for your budget.

Dealer Reputation

Repeatable customer satisfaction comes from the top down, which is why dealer reputation should also be considered when looking for that "Good Deal." The most experienced sales consultant cannot compensate for a dealer that only sees dollar signs when he or she looks at his customers. Many dealers take a "short-term" approach to earning your business. However, at our dealership we never work for the bottom line, but rather, focus on the top line. It is our belief that if we sell a lot of vehicles that satisfy a lot of customers, the bottom line will take care of itself. It's paid off already. Remember, we're #1.




Vehicle Selection

Who wants to settle? We keep thousands of new and used vehicles in stock, and f we don't have it, we can probably get it. Do your research, look at our inventory, and call us for more details.




High Quality Service

The greatest measure of any dealership is how they work when something goes wrong. A great price can seem like highway robbery after only a few unforeseen repairs. Good, reputable service during your ownership cycle should be the highest consideration of every knowledgeable vehicle buyer. That's why the technicians in our service department are kept on the cutting edge of technology and share a similar payscale approach to our sales staff. We use various certified training programs combined with salary and bonus incentives that are directly related to the number of satisfied customers they have. That means we actually have a "results-oriented" service department. They get paid more to do it right the first time.

Kern County Readers Choice Poll winner in every category, for a reason. Come find out why.


We can't help but point out that we're one of the top Chevy Dealers in California, and that we're consistently a
How do I get my trade-in appraised?

Getting an objective appraisal ensures you get the greatest dollar amount for your trade-in. That's why our dealership has a professional trade-in appraisal process on site to save you the time and money of finding an appraisal service. You can have your trade-in appraised as soon as it arrives at the dealership. We understand the importance of getting as many perspectives as possible when valuing your trade in. With the Internet, you have access to a tremendous wealth of information to assist you.

The Kelley Blue Book [WikiPedia: CLICK HERE TO READ]

The Kelly Blue Book is the industry benchmark for trade-in values. With an easy-to-use online searchable interface, ( you can access the same information source we use in our professional appraisal process. provides a number of resources, one of the most valuable being a suite of tools that can establish the True Market Value (TMV) of a particular make or model in any market in the United States. Reviews and road tests also complement the large selection of resources available here.

Manufacturer websites

Get specifications straight from the horse's mouth by visiting the manufacturer websites of the makes that you are researching. Often they provide comprehensive specification sheets and interactive resources to help you get a well-informed understanding of the technical components of the vehicle you are researching.